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The project “Advanced blended-learning course for Professionals in Dog Assisted Intervention” benefits from a grant of €106,000 received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA funds. The aim of the project is to extend SZL’s training offer with an advanced course in dog therapy for professionals.

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Advanced blended-learning course for AAI professionals

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Enroll in the advanced course for dog handlers working in dog therapy! This is the next step on your educational path. 

You will gain knowledge of working with a dog and the support that the presence of a dog in educational and therapeutic activities can provide. The course covers topics such as:


  • international standards and definitions
  • Supporting your dog in educational activities
  • dog-dog and human-dog communication, 
  • the needs and weaknesses of the dog,
  • dog behavior analysis, 
  • theories of dog training, 
  • adapting tools to the individual needs of the animal,
  • ways of learning in a dog – how to use its potential?
  • how to take care of the welfare of a working dog?
  • basics of veterinary medicine;

Gain new professional competences with our course

Magdalena Nawarecka - President of the Animals for People Association

Expanding the LMS training offer with an advanced course in dog therapy for professionals. The project is implemented in Polish-Norwegian partnership with the Dyrenbar Omsorg organization.
The completed course will be complemented with internships.  During the pilot phase, 15 dog therapists from Poland will be trained and receive an international certificate. The participants will be professionals in the field of education, especially for children with learning difficulties.

The result will be an increase in the quality of Polish education in the dog therapy sector, reduction of access barriers (through e-learning), development of Polish educational and therapeutic staff. The course and the e-learning platform will be developed after the end of the project and will be available for participants from Poland and in the future also from other European countries. The results will be disseminated at the conference in Poland for 100 participants and during the seminar in Norway for 30 persons. 

SZL is a non-profit organization. It runs dog therapy classes in medical, educational and care institutions. It works with leading institutions in Poland: Children’s Health Centre, Klinika Budzik or Alzheimer’s Centre. She supports schools – through classes on bite prevention and implementation of inclusive education (including reading with dogs, social and emotional support). It works in the field of dog therapy professionalization. Together with partners from Europe it creates training standards for dog therapists.

Dyrenbar Omsorg has extensive knowledge and experience in training dogs and humans as teams, accumulated since 2006. It is a leading institution in Norway in the field of human-animal interaction. Develops Animal Assisted Interventions (AIA) scenarios for different user groups. Together with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NCofA offers a university course in AAI with 15 ECTS credits. In addition, it educates volunteers with their dogs in Animal Assisted Activites. It collaborates on theory as well as practical solutions with the Norwegian Kennel Club. More on www.dyrebaromsorg.no

Feedback from people participating in our other projects

I highly recommend trainings conducted by instructors from the Animals for Humans Association. The information is provided in an interesting and understandable way in a friendly atmosphere. A lot of practical activities help to consolidate the acquired knowledge. The trainings allowed me to look at the human-dog relationship from a different perspective and encouraged me to read and carefully observe my pet's needs. The instructors taught me that working on a dog's emotions is a key element in contact with a human. I sincerely thank the entire team for their support and valuable advice!!!
Very substantive and professional courses supported by hands-on experience. Learning is combined with practice and allows you to acquire knowledge of what AAI is about. The instructors convey what they know in a clear and accessible manner in a friendly atmosphere. In addition, the materials provided allow you to use the knowledge even after completing the classes.